Sunday, July 24, 2011

Here's a quick shot of a Space Marine I am working on in between commission pieces...He's painted in oils over a couple acrylic washes.

I'm really trying to show this guy as a veteran and wanted to show his armor a bit worn, and battle scared. I started with the mid tone which is yellow ochre and cadmium yellow medium. From there, I blocked in the shadow which is the mid tone plus a touch of brown madder alizarin. For the deepest shadows I used brown madder alizarin with just a touch of mars black. Highlights were the mid tone with titanium white added...

For the battle scars, I just drew in the markings using mars black and then blended the highest highlight tone at the edge to give the scar some depth and "age".

I'm not sure how I'll build up the ground work, but am tinkering with a few ideas...may even try to pull off a bit of vignette. I'd like to have something very unique and different in my display this year...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Everything about done with the exception of the hands. Need to add a little weathering to the knees of the pants and then tighten up some of the shadow lines...on the glide path for having this guy ready for MFCA

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Austrian Jager

Here are a couple quick pictures of my latest work in progress; it's a 54mm beaute from Time Machine Miniatures, Austrian Jager (TMP-32). Cast in white metal, this was a snap to clean up and assemble. A little filler at the shoulders, and a few seam lines, but nothing out of the ordinary. This is my first figure from Time Machine Miniatures, and have to admit, I'm quickly becoming a fan.

Painted in my usual technique of oils over acrylics, I tried to vary the shade of the jacket and trousers. Showing a bit more of a faded tone for the jacket. Still working on bringing out the highest of the highlights on the jacket, the deep shadows are in as are the first highlights. I mixed the grey for both the jacket and pants over pulling a tone straight from the tube. I think it adds a bit more "personality" to the figure.

The belts and the rucksack are roughed in with just the deep shadows and first highlights laid in; I'll go back over them in my next painting session.

Trying to have this guy ready for MFCA; more to follow in the coming weeks...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Officer, 16th Lancers

Here's the finished 54mm 16th Lancer figure from Elite. He's painted with oils over Reaper acrylic paints and ready for the display case.

I'll tinker a bit more with the metal shutter; I want to deepen the contrast in a couple places. I'll do that before the Atlanta show this year.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

16th Lancer

Here's my latest figure; it's the 16th Lancer, 54mm figure from Elite. Cast in white metal, there's very little clean up; a couple mold lines on the inside of the leg and along the back edge of the sleeve thatwere surprisingly easy to clean up.

He's painted with oils over Reaper acrylic paints; the torso is completed and have just started on the pants and boots...

With the exception of metal button, all other gold lace is painted using a non-metallic metallic method that I adapted from Lou.

He isn't attached yet to the base; I want to get the back of the pants finished. The way he's positioned on the base close to the stone wall doesn't allow for a lot of space to paint.

The stone wall came from my spare parts bin as did the Verlinden gate; the post is craft wood painted with varying shades of sepia, burnt umber and unbleached titanium white. The stone steps are balsa foam painted with Reaper acrylics and washed with a mix of burnt umber and sepia.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

U Boot Kommandant

Just finished this guy; he's the Andrea U-Boat Commander Bust. Cast in beige resin, there are a few mold lines to clean up, but nothing too extreme. He's painted with oils over acrylics using the wet on wet technique.

All the gold with the exception of the buttons and silver dolphin pin are painted in non-metallic metallics manner. I used a bit more burnt umber for the base color for the trim along the brim of the hat and for the oak leaves to show a contrast between the gilded thread of those items and the emblems on his chest and top of the hat.

I decided to go with a very pale flesh tone since I thought it would represent life under the water a bit more than my traditional rudy tone. The only thing I did differently with my flesh mix was to add a bit more titanium white than cadmium yellow to the highlight mixture and grey out the basic flesh tone a bit more than usual.

The binoculars are painted in oils and at the wear points, dabbed some grey tones for contrast.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Finished Krasinski today...tremendous figure from Le Cimier are amazing! He's painted with oils over acrylics in my usual method of wet on wet.

This is a commission piece and am hoping I can find this figure for myself...